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A Custom Song


A custom song is a Tailor made song that is created specifically for you. Whether it's Pop, Rock, Acoustic, Singer Songwriter or Country we can create for any event, just for you!

The songwriting process is a fun process. We start out with a free consultation on Zoom or live Chat and discuss what your vision and goal maybe. If you are then interested in moving forward will go a bit deeper and find out what kind of music you like. . We can create music for just about anything you will require. Will talk so I can be clear to create what you are looking for.


Once we've determined the kind of music and song theme you are looking for, I can Tailor make the music and the lyrics to fit. I will go thru this process with another consultation and a live performance of the song. This entire process takes about a month. 

Custom songs can be used for seminars, businesses, fundraisers, podcasters or family events and gatherings. 

So your custom song can be used for weddings, family events or even Corporations, small to large that are looking for a theme song for a seminar or perhaps a campaign

or an actual theme song for their business, either way I can help you! We also work with Schools and Associations.

Once we've secured your vision, I will then go into the recording studio and get the recording at professional radio level. At the end I will send you a High resolution sound file or whatever format you need.

The emotional impact of a custom song can be timeless and help to make immortalize an event and create a long lasting memory which can be shared amongst friends or amongst business associates that are working towards a common goal. often events can be boring for many, but a custom song tailored to the right client and event can break through the regular noise and connect us all on another level of emotion creating compassion, hope and love for a common purpose.

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How much is the Investment?


Silver $6997.00

Writing and recording a song

Gold is an additional $500.00

Lyric plaque - Black Silver or Putter

Engraved with the song lyrics

Platinum Level is an additional $1000.00

I will come to your event of business to perform the song.

Hotel and travel not included 

Diamond Level is an additional $1.5 K

Is for a custom music video slide show 

Credit Card Payment

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